verb, napped, nap·ping, noun

:: a brief period of sleep, especially one taken during daytime

Dear Teigan’s nap times,
Where have you gone?  I know that Teigan is fighting you, but I need you to win this war.  I know she secretly loves you and gets through the day much better when you visit, but she’s having a love affair with staying up all day and neglecting you.  Just do us a favor and come back for your twice-a-day visits soon, mmmkay?
Love, Ben & Erin

Thank goodness she is still rockin’ her 12+ hour nights.  Here’s to hoping that will never change.  
Ahh, the good ‘ol napping days…

One thought on “Naps

  1. So, as I was writing this, I noticed Ben & Teigan snuck away. When I got up [to refill the caffeine fix], I took a peek in our bedroom and it was totally daddy-daughter nap time. Uncanny timing. And the cutest thing, ever.

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