Thursday thoughts

So, nothing in particular, but just a few thoughts/life lessons from these past few days:

  • Your baby starting to wave and clap is pretty must the cutest thing, ever.  You know, until she does the next cutest thing, ever – tomorrow.
  • Turtlenecks don’t always serve their purpose.  
  • Music can make or break any moment. Example: Nat King Cole = amazing all the time; angry Korn somehow showing up in a chill playlist while working with other people in the room = awkward
  • The perfect girls night consists of delish pizza, to-die-for salad, ahhh-mazing cookies, great gossip – oh, and the cutest little ladies [and their babies]!
  • Wearing kill-the-roach-in-the-corner stilettos without any sort of “sock” in sub-30 degree weather is cold… and stupid.
  • Yoga is going to be my new release on my lunch break.  Boss’ orders.
  • If I ever become a cruise ship captain, I’ll try not to focus more on my date when the boat hits land and then “trip” onto a safety boat when my ship, and hundreds of people, are sinking.  Sheesh.
  • Tires are expensive.  
  • Keep it light.  I’m mostly referring to my coffee… the more cream, the better, when it’s 5am and you’re headed to work.  Ugh.
  • Starbuck’s caramel apple cider is my new best friend
  • I’m going to try my darndest to never buy ridiculous, expensive gifts for Teigan [note: copious amounts of Lincoln Logs and Legos are the exception] as all she really cares for is crap.  Well, actually the bag that holds the diapers that carry her crap.  Exhibit A below…


2 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts

  1. I need to start reading this blog more often. I love all the pics of Teigan. Especially since seeing the members of Team Slocum is getting rarer than an uncooked steak.

  2. T? Who could this possibly be? Tay Tay? Regardless, I know we’re totally MIA. Ugh, being an adult is so time consuming! Whoever this is, all you have to call – you know we’ll make time. ;c)

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