Naleigh Moon

I absolutely adore Josh Kelley.  This love started about, ahem, a dozen years ago when I begged Haely, Angelica, and Meredith to hit up Deep Ellum for a show I was just dying to see.  They had no clue who he was, but I promised it would be fantastic [thank goodness it was].  We hopped in ol’ ’92 Integra and hit the open road.  We got there early.  He sang.  I melted.  We made out.  Oh, wait… that last part didn’t happen.  Well, not in real life, anyways.  I saw Josh a few times in Texas and every time his performance beat any expectation.  

Well, when I moved to Tennessee I was beyond disappointed with the live music scene [at the time; this has since changed].  So, when I heard Josh was playing in Chattanooga on a random Tuesday night, well, you know we were there.  We got there early.  He sang.  I melted.  I danced.  A lot.  Josh and I made out.  Okay, again, didn’t happen.  But, Josh did make me a ring out of a dollar bill, put it on my left hand, and told Ben he needed to do this himself – and for real.  It’s no wonder Ben proposed to me by playing and singing Home to Me, one of Josh’s originals – and one of my all-time favorites.  Love.

Josh was in Knoxville a couple months ago and things were just… different.  He still sang.  I still melted.  And I still made out with him in my head [Love you, Ben!].  But now we’re so much older, married, and have precious little girls.  So, Josh started playing this song and, no kidding, tears took over.  Big time.  Kind of the ugly cry.

Here’s to all of the little girls out there that found our arms not a moment too soon and made us see past ourselves at just the right time.  Introducing Naleigh Moon

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