Will you accept this rose?

Shocking, I know, but I am diverting attention from the beloved Chris Harrison to write a quick ‘un.  I’m writing mainly to share a few vitally important things with you that our lil’ familia learned this weekend.  I know you all find this highly entertaining, so here goes…

1. Those mushrooms you’ve totally been neglecting in the backyard, well, they could actually be highly desired and delectable oyster mushrooms.  Don’t kill them.

Looks totally nasty; tastes totally awesome

2. When the to-die-for adorable twin boy next door asks you to show him your “circus toy”, entertain him.

No longer just my go-to party trick…

3. The newly-discovered smoosh face, as we like to call it, is so annoyingly adorable, you can hardly stand it.

smoosh face [smoo’sh feys] :: noun

And finally, 4. Never, ever, ever mix Drain-O with high-octane sulfuric acid to clear out a clogged drain line [hellooo doggie treats, a month’s supply of baby food, and paleo muffins!].  It can and will cause you to evacuate your home at 10:30 in the PM.  Update: the house is still standing, all five of us are alive, my house smells awkwardly clean, and the clog is cleared!

Back to “the most dramatic rose ceremony, ever“…
xo!, me

One thought on “Will you accept this rose?

  1. 1. almost threw up in my mouth alittle when I realized you are eating mushrooms from your backyard.
    2. you’re not 20 anymore, so dont kill yourself on that one wheel spectacle. remember your’re a momma now…
    3. please send more smoosh face pics
    4. this sounds like a similar scary incident a few years back with carbon monoxide. when will you learn your lesson about gases and chemicals?

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