February game night came and went last night, but boy, did we have fun!  With such a fantastic group of people surrounding me, I felt so lucky.  I was literally laughing, yelling, dancing, and owling the entire night.  Oh, and eating.  Lots and lots of eating.  Memories were made [albeit somewhat disturbing and scary] and we’re already stoked for the next one!  Until next time my spongy, veiny friends!

Team 1 for life!
All four of us ladies were excited for the hoedown to begin!
Burma chafe?  Ben workin’ getting Team 2 to the top!
Owling… we missed you, Sam!
Tucker’s first game of Catch Phrase… and he slept right through it
Muahaha!  Rachael getting… into it?

Reed & I decided we needed a post-game night date to Fountain City’s finest establishment, Jimmy’s, to catch up and dance the night away while listening to the worst karaoke, ever – and enjoying the best people watching, ever.  While I love Reed to pieces, I didn’t want the picture of him… it was of the awesome mullet duo behind him.  And as if the hair wasn’t enough, take a look at the she-mullet’s shirt.  Ahh-mazing!