I think something becoming wildly obvious these days is the fact that I’m wearing so many stinkin’ hats.  This isn’t anything new, but it seems to be hitting me harder than usual as of late.  I’m sure it’s that I’m working day and night and I know that won’t be stopping for about 13 weeks, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m really starting to understand just how important me time is.  

I’ve never, ever in my life been one who needed me time [in fact, I kind of thought it was a cop-out], but I’m finding that I enjoy – and need – it.  I want to read.  I want to write.  I want to breathe.  I want to dream.  I want to listen to music [even if I do tend to play more 1990’s boy band ridiculousness than any reasonable person should – ever].  I want to figure out what my creative vent is.  I want to do a million sit-ups.  I want to learn how to french braid hair.  All of that is just the me hat that tends to get lost in the shuffled mess of my other sweet sombrero’s.  Ah, my everyday is a juggling act… an act I love and would never want to live without.  But, really… just a little slack?

And now, my little lovebug’s array of head-toppers from the last week or so… she’s so lucky her only metaphorical hat is being a baby.

Peace, Love, and Gardens without Walls…