Make ’em smile

A friendly wave to the man on the porch you jog by every morning.  A loving grip of the hand to someone in need.  Holding open a door for a stranger.  Kind eyes to someone clearly having a tough day.  Saying “I Love You”.  Sometimes I feel like people have become too distracted, too selfish, or too careless and they’ve forgotten just how important random, small acts of kindness are.  In this world of smart phones, robot vacuum’s, instant gratification, and voice-controlled-everything, I feel like we often move too fast to stop and smell the roses… and, in turn, neglect to share the same lovely smell with those surrounding us.

Taken from, I picked out a few of my favorite ways to make a stranger smile.  And honestly, I try and do the following frequently – like, all the time.  If you don’t, I encourage you to make a vested effort.  I promise, making someone else’s day really only makes your own.

Smile often.
Pay for the person in line behind you.
Send a hand-written thank you card.
Clean out all your old clothes and donate them to someone in need.
Give a compliment about a waiter, waitress, sales clerk, etc. to his or her manager.
Compliment a stranger’s appearance.
Help an elderly person carry something.
Appreciate people the way they are.
Share your lunch or a snack with someone who doesn’t have one.
Check up on someone who looks lonely.
Tip waiters and waitresses well.
Help bag your own groceries at the checkout counter.
Offer your seat to someone when there aren’t any left.
Stand up for someone and lend your voice to those who can’t use their own, for whatever reason.
Wave to a kid in the car next to you.
Spread good news.
Remember people’s names and address them accordingly.
When you make eye contact with someone, smile.
Share your umbrella on a rainy day.
Listen intently to people’s stories without trying to fix everything.
Dance with someone who hasn’t been asked.
Give words of encouragement toward someone’s dream, no matter how big or small it is.
Stop and buy a drink from a kid’s lemonade stand.
Help someone get your parking space in a crowded parking lot when you’re leaving.
Do a little something extra to make someone else’s life easier.
Listen to someone’s pain and help them find a path through it.
Give without expecting to get back.
Say “Please” and “Thank you.”
Don’t be so serious all the time.
Teach others how to make a difference by setting an example.
Lend your shoulder to cry on.
Offer encouragement after a failure.
Acknowledge people for a job well done.
Tell a good joke.
Let someone with only a few items cut you in line at the grocery store. 
Create a care package and send it to an active duty military unit.
Stop to help.
Put a small personal touch on everything you do.
Take the time to teach someone a skill you know.
Help someone get active.
Donate food to a charity.
If you see a couple taking a self-pic, offer to take the picture for them.
Make yourself available and approachable.
Be positive.
Treat every small interaction with another person as an opportunity to make a positive impact in both your lives.

It does a body good,
Nikita Blaze