Hallmark’s favorite holiday, 2012 edition

I mean, really… how could you not just l-o-v-e this face?   

Ah, Valentine’s Day.  Hallmark’s infamous holiday that automatically = card + a little something sweet + some pseudo ridonkulous gift that was sooo last minute by the giver.  I mean, we all love feeling loved, and wanted, but is it a chocolate heart and sappy card that makes me feel it?  Without any hesitation, hell-to-the-no.

need the every day; the little things.  If you ask Ben, he would probably tell you that, for me, that means him opening up every single window in the house, making the bed, turning on some great tunes, sweeping the sunroom, and baking something oh-so-delish… any one of those – and all without any prompt or encouragement from me.  That makes me feel loved.  

I’m not sure how many of you have read The Five Love Languages, but lesbihonest, it’s phenomenal.  I’m, hands down, an Acts of Kindness kind of girl.  I love to do things for others, whether they realize I did it for them, or not.  It’s crazy how much a handwritten note, a clean load of laundry, or a really great massage [wink, wink, nudge, nudge] can make me feel loved.

So anyways, if you want to feed my soul, skip the card and chocolate heart…. just give me a call, send me an origami, or build something awesome.  But, now that I think about it, dark chocolate doesn’t hurt… and neither do York peppermint patties.

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PS – I still love Hallmark, Mom & Janine.  Promise.
PSS – Exhibit A to defend PS above… Ben and I totally exchanged Hallmark cards and indulged in some sweet nothing’s this morning.  His was definitely the sweetest card, ever, and Teigan’s wasn’t so bad, either.  ;c)