¡Nueve Meses!

I know my days of saying that time is moving slowly is all but extinct, but it’s still just so hard to believe our Teig-ster is nine months old [plus a few days]!  We had her check-up this morning and, despite all of the weight-gaining-issues we had at the beginning, it’s obvious that we are right on track these days.  

Here are Teigan’s latest stats:
    Age: 280 days old
    Weight: 18 lbs.
    Height: 27 1/4″

    Head circumference: 17″

The doctors are thrilled with her progress physically and she’s showing signs of being way ahead of her time developmentally… not to brag… but I am.  I’m a mom now… it’s what I do.

Off to go practice my intrusive, annoying, and totally obnoxious sideline soccer mom yell…
Blaze out!