Thanks, M&D!

Ben and I are the luckiest people around.  No kidding.  We have the best families who love us, love each other, make us homemade eggrolls and dumplings on our birthdays, send us thoughtful and sometimes ridiculous gifts – ahem, Zach!, and fly across the country to take care of our children [Hoolie and Rica count, too!].  

G-Daddy, Teigan, and Grammy
We were so fortunate to have my parents in from Houston this past week to help take care of all three of our girls while Ben, his parents, and I were working at a weekend-long event.  I honestly have no idea what we would have done without them.  Such lifesavers… so thank you, Mom and Dad!  We can’t wait to have you here in KnoxVegas next year!

Matt and Zach, let us know when you’d like to move into the basement!  We swear, it only floods every-other bad storm…