MEK is 27!

Uncle Maffew,

HAPPY BIRFFDAY!  I think you’re a really good-looking and super smart uncle and I’m so proud that you’re mine.  I know that between you and Uncle Z-man, I will not only be prepared in the fields of ridiculous dance moves, witty comments, supreme athleticism, and insane intelligence – but general awesomeness.  Can’t wait to play with you in May!

I love you!
Sweet T

Matty Cakes,

Happy Birthday to my most favorite brother-in-law in the world.  No really, my one and only favorite.  Love you, man.

Hard to believe this was seven years ago when you were just 20 years old…. sheesh! 

Dearest Doh-Doh Bird,

Happy, happy birthday, sweet brover!  Wishing you an absolutely wonderful year full of love [with Amanda Bynes], laughter [with Tosh], tons of great concerts [with pretty girls], a million eggrolls [you can’t share this with anyone], and you being discovered as the hottest new back-up dancer [for Beyonce].  I love you so much and am so happy you’re the little brother I was never really stuck with… I’ve loved every second.

Always your Lil’ Elephante,