The weather has been absolutely ridiculous* lately, so what do we do at Casa de Slocum?  Play outside, duh.  I’m just not sure who has more fun – Ben, Teigan, or me.  Actually, I do… it’s me.  Don’t think that upon first-play I didn’t test out every single aspect of the playset to make sure it’s adult-friendly – because I did… and it is!

As for Teigan, she’s showing a lot of interest in the rings and climbing wall.  Call me cray-cray, but Crossfit Games 2025**… here we come!

*Ridiculous = Amazing.  It’s been nothing like typical February weather in East Tennessee; beautiful, sunny, warm, and nearly perfect.
**2025 = Whaaaa?  Teigan will be 14 years old in 2025 and, hence, old enough to compete.  She should be, like, 40 by that year, though.  I swear it’s still 1990… right?!  I’m old.  Sigh.

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