Sweet Sixteen… here we come!

Teigan is officially double-digits… yesterday was her ten-month birthday!  Time to start thinking birthday party!  Oh-em-gee, I can’t wait.  It’s going to be just like Sweet Sixteen on MTV, except without the obnoxious girl in the spotlight, ridiculous day-of dress, “surprise” $50k gifts, grade F celebrity rappers spillin’ it about hoes and dolla’ billz, blue eyeliner, and super uncool parents.  Yep, exactly like the show… there will still be a crying little girl that has pooped her pants and stuffs her face with cupcakes.  Can’t wait!

Can I just point out how hilarious it is that I was so obsessed with taking pictures each month on Teigan’s month-birthday and now, just a handful of months later, it completely ceases to exist?  Mommy fail.

So, because I have failed again, check out this video I took today.  Poor T is sick for the first time.  But, in true redhead fashion [yeah, I’m still working on that part], she thrives through the pain.  That cough has nothin’ on her singing-talking voice… or her having fun in general.

Love, love, love her!