Some more firsts

Well, well, well, stalkers… I’m back!  Please forgive me, but these past couple of weeks things have been, um, busy for me.  Such an understatement, but no need to bore you with details.  I’m beyond bonkers and cannot freaking wait for some serious one-on-one time with the lake, sun, and stereo system which may, or may not, be blasting Journey.  Hint: it will. 

Anyways, for as busy as I have been, Teigan may have me beat.  She’s been spending all of her free time standing up, testing herself with taking steps everywhere she goes, talking her little face off, climbing stairs [no kidding – bad parenting?], and…. eating dog food [she’s quick, I tell ya!].  Don’t judge.  Anyways, bunch of firsts… 

First time to sneak away from the bathroom post-bath while still undressed… all in about 2 seconds flat.
First time in the shopping cart without her car seat.  Pretty much the best day, ever.
First time to put her bath boys back in the place where they belong. Coincidence? Probably. But I take credit.

Oh, and another first, non-Teigan related…!
First time to have my parents property worked on! They finally broke ground!

Wrapped up in a dream of Blue Bell Coffee ice cream, lake water, and sunshine-