Oompa Loompa’s definitely had a Slip ‘n Slide maze… where’s mine?

My life these days…
  1. Teigan’s turned into a little speed-crawler and it’s starting to cause issues.  Example: I ran into the store to try on a couple dresses Monday evening and Sweet T decided to run-crawl out of the changing room, into the changing room “lobby”, and into the main store… all in about 8 seconds.  Me?  Well, it happened at exactly the wrong time, but it’s a good thing I’m a quick changer.  It’s also a good thing that the nice people at Stein Mart didn’t call social services on me when an adorable 10-month old little girl was crawling through the store unattended – and probably eating anything, and everything, on the floor along the way.
  2. Early mornings at the office are the best.  So much gets accomplished, no one is calling, you can focus 100% at the task at hand, and, come 8:15am, you feel on top of the world.  Well, you know, until the emails start coming in at an unbelievable rate of speed and ol’ Gerdy is calling to talk about the weather.
  3. Life, and my emotions, are a roller coaster these days.   I drive down the interstate, windows down, sun in my face, on Sunday afternoon… I cry the whole way home.  I watch the last hour of The Notebook on Sunday evening… I bawl my eyes out [yeah, twice in one day; it was awesome… except not really].  Tay Tay informs me Monday afternoon that he and Jess are moving to Chicago in May… I definitely tear up… mid pull-up.  Don’t worry, grandparents, I’m not pregnant.
  4. Now that The Bachelor is on hiatus, I’m completely heartbroken all week.  Without the constant promotions of the “most dramatic rose ceremony, ever” and talk of the Fantasy Suite, I’m bored.  Um, I’m a mom addicted to a totally ridiculous and trashy reality TV show… you should now worry, grandparents.
  5. My days are filled with daydreams of running away to a fabulous hill filled with hours and hours of flowers and growth.  The best part of this hill, though, are the Slip ‘n Slides.  They’re everywhere.  It’s a maze so I go from one slide to the next, to the next, and so on.  It’s a never-ending Slip-‘n-Slide-hill-of-awesomeness!  I’m serious.  I wonder if Willy Wonka had something like that at his place… pretty sure he did.

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