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A lazy day in April? Uh huh.

Yesterday was, quite possibly, the most amazing day.  I got to sleep 12 entire hours which is beyond unheard of these past several months.  I slept until, gasp!, 11am, played with Teigan in the backyard, got a little sun-tannin’ in, read People magazine, ate a piece of cold pizza, stopped by the Slocum House Studio Gallery, bought a new dryer [ours totally bombed on us this week], conquered Sam’s Club on a Sunday, and was just generally lazy the rest of the evening.  I can’t get over how restful the day was!

Ben, on the other hand, worked his booty off and saved us some serious mula by replacing the rotors and brake pads on his car.  And mowed the yard.  And sprayed for bugs.  And fixed the leaking toilet.  And beat his hands against his chest.  So manly!

Babies at a bar!

The ladies!

Last night we met up with some amigos for a Saturday out on the town… with all of our babies.  We went to a local English beer garden for a couple drinks and ended up heading over to a fairly new sushi bar/outdoor water garden/nightclub [yes, all three – at once].  It may have been the first time that any children have ever entered the premises, so we were more than happy to put them on display for all of the hoochie-mama waitresses to google over… and it was hilarious-slash-ridiculous-slash-awesome!

Tucker, Teigan, and Robert pre-dancing
Unfortunately the Brosnan’s had to head home early, but we can’t wait to all go out again!  That place won’t know what him ’em when we have four babies in their face!  All I know is that they better add an inch or two to those “dresses”.  I’m pretty sure I saw some goods… and I’m not talking about Blue Bell Coffee ice cream goodness!

Bringing babies to super classy bars is my biz-nass.  Who wants to join us next week?
E$ Mama

Writers write. Singers sing.

This weekend was full of work.  But by “work”, I honestly mean fun.  Yes, I legitimately busted arse until the early hours of the morning every day this past week and got up just a few hours later to start all over again, but it was amazing.  One of the events that the Dogwood Arts Festival produces is Rhythm N’ Blooms.  With 56 musical performances over the course of three days throughout various venues in downtown Knoxville, you can only imagine the logistics and planning that went into the event this past weekend.  Phew!

As I’ve mentioned here a few times, I really want to get into writing more.  I have this fantasy of becoming a songwriter, but lesbihonest, me?  Really?  Nah.  So, anyways, a new aspect of Rhythm N’ Blooms this year was something called Music Village which had luthiers, music workshops, musical vendors, etc.  I happened to pop in on the first workshop of the day which featured Hallerin Hilton Hill who was speaking on the topic of songwriting.  I honestly didn’t think much of it, but when he started talking, I felt like I was the only one in the room and he was speaking directly to me.  I learned more from that workshop than I could ever express.  He literally brought me to tears [a couple times] as he discussed his story, how he ended up an Emmy-contender, and what he thinks it takes to make it.  I left that workshop feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to write.  I know I’m going to write a lot of crap, a lot of nonsense, and a lot of bad, bad songs… but I’m okay with that.  I want to put it all on paper.  Explore those feelings and emotions… put myself out there… and not care about any judgement.  I think I need it.  So, as Hallerin says, Writer’s write. Write.  

So then, later that night, I snuck away from the job and headed on over to the Tennessee Theatre in hopes of catching an artist who had been receiving rave reviews.  I enter the theatre.  It’s insanely breathtaking, PS, if you haven’t been there before.  I walk down the aisle with my co-worker, Katie, to sit down and enjoy.  Mike Farris opens his mouth to sing “How I got to Memphis.”  I cry.  Again.  Then on to sing “Change is Gonna Come.”  Uh huh.  Crying… Freaking again.  Yes, multiple times in one day.  I blame it on the lack of sleep at first… but then I realize that this man has a gift that seriously rocks my world.  I mean, in-freaking-sane.  He is so unassuming and the sound he was belting out was beyond the realm of what I would ever consider humanly possible.  While singing is something that is a God-given talent [something I definitely don’t have], I suppose that at some point in his life someone told him he had to sing.  He needs it.  It needs him.  Singers sing. Sing.  

Writing and officially a Mike Farris fan for life,
Nikita Blaze*
*Decidedly my pen name, in case you were wondering…

Knoxville… Home to Me

Henley Street Bridge over the Tennessee River

Oh, sweet, sweet Knoxville.  How do I love thee so?  I seriously hated you when I moved here seven years ago [next month], but I have come to love you.  A lot.  The mountains make me realize the natural gifts that God gives us every single day – that most of us take for granted.  The fresh air makes me feel alive.  The sprawling gardens and greens make me feel encouraged.  The people make me feel loved, confident, and inspired [when you’re not being close-minded and pissing me off].  The hidden parks among the most inconspicuous neighborhoods make me feel young.  The lakes and rivers make me want to move my body around the dance floor.

Don’t get me wrong, as I lightly mentioned above, you have little octopus limbs attached to you that drive me bonkers and I so wish I could amputate, but I suppose you can’t be perfect.  But mostly, you are.  You are home to me.

Now, just because, my favorite song, live with some impromptu lyrics, by Josh Kelley… “Home to Me”.  Enjoy!

11 months!

Happy 11-month Birthday [yesterday] to Teigan!  

Somebody’s excited that Daddy is home!
Chatting away
Ben teaching T to blow kisses
Because I’m Mom of the Year, I’ve decided that it’s totally kosher to send out birthday invites with just a few weeks notice.  And by “invites”, I obviously mean a phone call/ email/ facebook message/ note in the mailbox.  That’s cool, right?  Is it also appropriate to not really do anything other than have all of our friends over for an afternoon of yard games, BBQ, homemade margaritas, fresh air, and – oh yeah, a cupcake… or four?  I certainly hope so because that’s probably [definitely] the plan…

I promise I love you, Teigan, and when you’re old enough to care, we will flower you with gifts like Lego’s, a soccer ball, roller blades, jars of dirt, the Jock Rock series, aluminum foil, a walkman, cardboard boxes, little army men, and an old-school Radio Flyer – the only things any kid really needs in life.  Huh… wonder how in the world I possibly could have been such a tomboy…

Anywhoselbees, any recommendations on baby-friendly cupcake recipes would be greatly appreciated!

Just sayin’

I just have to say…
1. Working so much that you don’t get to workout [for real] totally sucks.
2. Realizing that your only chance to sit down and read a book is when everyone else is sleeping, including yourself, totally sucks.
3. Hearing about people talking trash about others, with absolutely no just reason, totally sucks.
4. Somehow convincing yourself that a well-rounded meal consists of protein [Cheez-its], dairy [Chips Ahoy], and fruit [Nutri-Grain] totally sucks.
5. Feeling like you never have enough time with the ones you love totally sucks.

And on a lighter note…
1. A brief moment outdoors to rest in the most perfect grass on a windy day with the sun peering through the clouds makes all the suck go away.
2. Pretending to be a “faculty member” all in hopes of landing a quick drink, handful of bar nuts, and one hell of a view of the Tennessee River – and succeeding! – makes all the suck go away.
3. Seeing downtown Knoxville from a different vantage point and packed with beautiful children and happy people makes all the suck go away.
4. Handstand-walking down a very-packed Gay Street makes all the suck go away.
5. Seeing Teigan smiling, laughing, chatting, and curling her tongue in ways unimaginable every morning absolutely, positively makes all the suck go away.

Here’s to sweet dreams of next month when I’m not already at work when Teigan gets up so I can see our baby girl doing what she does best every morning… being totes adorbs!

A rainbow of awesomeness – in your face!

Ladies and Gentlemen… Boys and Girls… Dogs and Hamster/Gerbils [but not cats],

I have huge news to report.  And by huge, I mean Coco-butt-big [yes, that’s a proper term]!  My dear broski, Matt, is packin’ up his bags, throwin’ ’em in a truck, and heading north to live in… yep… you guessed it… KNOXVILLE! 

As of June 9, this town isn’t going to know what hit ’em… and I’m only halfway kidding.  I’m positive KnoxVegas won’t be able to handle both of us together on a daily basis; it’s just going to be too much.

Two minutes before entering the ExxonMobil headquarters looking for the “Skeets the Controller”… Dad loved us for this one.
Hmmm… singing?  Obvi.
Singing to the woods… seriously.

I’m so excited to have him here with me so we can get coffee, go run-walk-skipping on the Cherokee Trail, watch Teigan play soccer, sing to strangers in random parking lots, and dance our way down Gay Street!  Yep.  It’s happening.  All of it.  Daily.

I love you so much, Matt, and, all kidding aside, am so thrilled that you will be here!  It’s going to be great for all of us.  Here’s to fun, growth, and new adventures!  

58 days!  [but who’s counting?]

Lucky [not happy] Bums!

So, am I a terrible person for finding the following photos absolutely hysterical?  Teigan discovered her new Lucky Bums chair today and, as you can see, just loved it.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with having a full-on photo shoot when your baby is screaming bloody murder – right?

Fingers up!

This weekend kicked off Friday night with the art exhibits opening for the Dogwood Arts Festival.  It was a super fun night filled with fine art, trapeze artists, lovely people, tons of ladies in the hottest of spring fashions, and the best weather, ever.  After the festivities wrapped up, it was clean-up mode and then off to a great patio dinner at the best French restaurant in town.  As if that wasn’t enough, we then headed out to our friends’ show at a great lil’ hole-in-the-wall in the Old City.  They totally rocked it and despite what a late night it was, it was worth every single second of staying out way past my bedtime!

Tony and the cute couple

… and Diva scores!… even with a lop-sided head! ;c) Love you, R!

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening with friends at our casa for a backyard game day.  Grilling, ping pong, horseshoes, insanely good food, goofy golf, firepit-hanging, laughing-til-I-was-crying, and good friends!  Oh, and lots of babies.  Great time had by all, for sure!  Until next time, amigos…

Happy Easter! <3, T & B!

This morning we headed to UT Gardens for the annual Easter Brunch Potluck Extravaganza with our peeps… get it?  Muahaha.  We had a fabulous time catching up, eating, chatting, and… well… starring at Teigan.

Tangerine and Turquoise… it’s what’s up this spring,

Lake Escape pre-Festival!

Lucky for us, we got to spend a relaxing day and a half at the lake this weekend.  Okay, lesbihonst, I relaxed while Ben did super manly things with Doug like cutting down trees, sweating saw-dust, and spitting.  Personally, it was such a great, quick vacay right before my insane month at Dogwood Arts Festival kicks off, is officially in full-swing, and I’m going a million miles a minute!  

I swear, all last summer we were constantly talking about how crazy it would be when we were back at the lake in 2012 and Teigan would be close to walking, talking, and trying to steal a sip of daddy’s adult beverage.  Well, the time has come and gone – and boyyiiiyyyii, did it go by fast!  Teigan was all over the place from the second we walked in the door.  No wonder she slept even longer than her usual 12-hour night…

Sweet T rocking out her super adorbs big-girl chair…

May you all have a 12-hour nap full of the best dreams, ever, tonight!