Just sayin’

I just have to say…
1. Working so much that you don’t get to workout [for real] totally sucks.
2. Realizing that your only chance to sit down and read a book is when everyone else is sleeping, including yourself, totally sucks.
3. Hearing about people talking trash about others, with absolutely no just reason, totally sucks.
4. Somehow convincing yourself that a well-rounded meal consists of protein [Cheez-its], dairy [Chips Ahoy], and fruit [Nutri-Grain] totally sucks.
5. Feeling like you never have enough time with the ones you love totally sucks.

And on a lighter note…
1. A brief moment outdoors to rest in the most perfect grass on a windy day with the sun peering through the clouds makes all the suck go away.
2. Pretending to be a “faculty member” all in hopes of landing a quick drink, handful of bar nuts, and one hell of a view of the Tennessee River – and succeeding! – makes all the suck go away.
3. Seeing downtown Knoxville from a different vantage point and packed with beautiful children and happy people makes all the suck go away.
4. Handstand-walking down a very-packed Gay Street makes all the suck go away.
5. Seeing Teigan smiling, laughing, chatting, and curling her tongue in ways unimaginable every morning absolutely, positively makes all the suck go away.

Here’s to sweet dreams of next month when I’m not already at work when Teigan gets up so I can see our baby girl doing what she does best every morning… being totes adorbs!

3 thoughts on “Just sayin’

  1. Just saying, that, like whoa, for someone who hasn’t worked out a lot…you look UH-mazing…

    You have an Intern from UT so I don’t think you’re pretending, if you wanna get technical…

    And from what I’ve seen, the festival is going Uh-mazingly so pat yourself on the back, have a margarita and think about how close summer is!


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