11 months!

Happy 11-month Birthday [yesterday] to Teigan!  

Somebody’s excited that Daddy is home!
Chatting away
Ben teaching T to blow kisses
Because I’m Mom of the Year, I’ve decided that it’s totally kosher to send out birthday invites with just a few weeks notice.  And by “invites”, I obviously mean a phone call/ email/ facebook message/ note in the mailbox.  That’s cool, right?  Is it also appropriate to not really do anything other than have all of our friends over for an afternoon of yard games, BBQ, homemade margaritas, fresh air, and – oh yeah, a cupcake… or four?  I certainly hope so because that’s probably [definitely] the plan…

I promise I love you, Teigan, and when you’re old enough to care, we will flower you with gifts like Lego’s, a soccer ball, roller blades, jars of dirt, the Jock Rock series, aluminum foil, a walkman, cardboard boxes, little army men, and an old-school Radio Flyer – the only things any kid really needs in life.  Huh… wonder how in the world I possibly could have been such a tomboy…

Anywhoselbees, any recommendations on baby-friendly cupcake recipes would be greatly appreciated!

2 thoughts on “11 months!

  1. Love the birthday idea. What fun! By the way, sometimes I see blond but then again, sometimes I see red. What do you see? Can’t wait to see my munchkins…big and small and even those with tales. Won’t be long now. Grammy

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