Knoxville… Home to Me

Henley Street Bridge over the Tennessee River

Oh, sweet, sweet Knoxville.  How do I love thee so?  I seriously hated you when I moved here seven years ago [next month], but I have come to love you.  A lot.  The mountains make me realize the natural gifts that God gives us every single day – that most of us take for granted.  The fresh air makes me feel alive.  The sprawling gardens and greens make me feel encouraged.  The people make me feel loved, confident, and inspired [when you’re not being close-minded and pissing me off].  The hidden parks among the most inconspicuous neighborhoods make me feel young.  The lakes and rivers make me want to move my body around the dance floor.

Don’t get me wrong, as I lightly mentioned above, you have little octopus limbs attached to you that drive me bonkers and I so wish I could amputate, but I suppose you can’t be perfect.  But mostly, you are.  You are home to me.

Now, just because, my favorite song, live with some impromptu lyrics, by Josh Kelley… “Home to Me”.  Enjoy!

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