Writers write. Singers sing.

This weekend was full of work.  But by “work”, I honestly mean fun.  Yes, I legitimately busted arse until the early hours of the morning every day this past week and got up just a few hours later to start all over again, but it was amazing.  One of the events that the Dogwood Arts Festival produces is Rhythm N’ Blooms.  With 56 musical performances over the course of three days throughout various venues in downtown Knoxville, you can only imagine the logistics and planning that went into the event this past weekend.  Phew!

As I’ve mentioned here a few times, I really want to get into writing more.  I have this fantasy of becoming a songwriter, but lesbihonest, me?  Really?  Nah.  So, anyways, a new aspect of Rhythm N’ Blooms this year was something called Music Village which had luthiers, music workshops, musical vendors, etc.  I happened to pop in on the first workshop of the day which featured Hallerin Hilton Hill who was speaking on the topic of songwriting.  I honestly didn’t think much of it, but when he started talking, I felt like I was the only one in the room and he was speaking directly to me.  I learned more from that workshop than I could ever express.  He literally brought me to tears [a couple times] as he discussed his story, how he ended up an Emmy-contender, and what he thinks it takes to make it.  I left that workshop feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to write.  I know I’m going to write a lot of crap, a lot of nonsense, and a lot of bad, bad songs… but I’m okay with that.  I want to put it all on paper.  Explore those feelings and emotions… put myself out there… and not care about any judgement.  I think I need it.  So, as Hallerin says, Writer’s write. Write.  

So then, later that night, I snuck away from the job and headed on over to the Tennessee Theatre in hopes of catching an artist who had been receiving rave reviews.  I enter the theatre.  It’s insanely breathtaking, PS, if you haven’t been there before.  I walk down the aisle with my co-worker, Katie, to sit down and enjoy.  Mike Farris opens his mouth to sing “How I got to Memphis.”  I cry.  Again.  Then on to sing “Change is Gonna Come.”  Uh huh.  Crying… Freaking again.  Yes, multiple times in one day.  I blame it on the lack of sleep at first… but then I realize that this man has a gift that seriously rocks my world.  I mean, in-freaking-sane.  He is so unassuming and the sound he was belting out was beyond the realm of what I would ever consider humanly possible.  While singing is something that is a God-given talent [something I definitely don’t have], I suppose that at some point in his life someone told him he had to sing.  He needs it.  It needs him.  Singers sing. Sing.  

Writing and officially a Mike Farris fan for life,
Nikita Blaze*
*Decidedly my pen name, in case you were wondering…