A lazy day in April? Uh huh.

Yesterday was, quite possibly, the most amazing day.  I got to sleep 12 entire hours which is beyond unheard of these past several months.  I slept until, gasp!, 11am, played with Teigan in the backyard, got a little sun-tannin’ in, read People magazine, ate a piece of cold pizza, stopped by the Slocum House Studio Gallery, bought a new dryer [ours totally bombed on us this week], conquered Sam’s Club on a Sunday, and was just generally lazy the rest of the evening.  I can’t get over how restful the day was!

Ben, on the other hand, worked his booty off and saved us some serious mula by replacing the rotors and brake pads on his car.  And mowed the yard.  And sprayed for bugs.  And fixed the leaking toilet.  And beat his hands against his chest.  So manly!