Babies at a bar!

The ladies!

Last night we met up with some amigos for a Saturday out on the town… with all of our babies.  We went to a local English beer garden for a couple drinks and ended up heading over to a fairly new sushi bar/outdoor water garden/nightclub [yes, all three – at once].  It may have been the first time that any children have ever entered the premises, so we were more than happy to put them on display for all of the hoochie-mama waitresses to google over… and it was hilarious-slash-ridiculous-slash-awesome!

Tucker, Teigan, and Robert pre-dancing
Unfortunately the Brosnan’s had to head home early, but we can’t wait to all go out again!  That place won’t know what him ’em when we have four babies in their face!  All I know is that they better add an inch or two to those “dresses”.  I’m pretty sure I saw some goods… and I’m not talking about Blue Bell Coffee ice cream goodness!

Bringing babies to super classy bars is my biz-nass.  Who wants to join us next week?
E$ Mama