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Opening weekend at the lake!

Thanks for the super adorbs hat, Auntie Meaghan!

So Memorial Day weekend came and went which, for us, means opening day at the lake!  The entire summer last year we kept talking about what our lake days would be like once Teigan was really mobile.  Well, I can tell you that is a lot more work, but so much fun watching her play in the water – and really enjoy it!  

Two men, two babies, and a mini pup… hmmm
Teigan & Handsome Rob being cool in the penguin pool
Daddy & T
Sweet T

We’re not sure if she’s a mer-person yet, but I did sign up for mommy-daughter swim classes that start in a couple weeks.  I’m actually super excited about it!  Now, if only there were lessons directing mommy to get over her fear of a snake popping up out of the water at any given moment.  That’s what I get for growing up near the Gulf of Mexico… sigh.

PS :: I completely neglected to give everyone Teigan’s one-year stats, so, as of May 18:
    Age: 367 days old
    Weight: 20 lbs. 3 oz.
    Height: 28 1/4″

    Head circumference: 17 3/4″
Teigan has grown 7 1/4″ and gained 12 lbs. 1 oz. since she was born.  She has seven teeth fully in and one more coming in.  If you stop and think about that, that’s totally wild!

Roamin’ down the hallway

Wondering what Teigan does in her spare time these days?  Well, she is taking single steps, but isn’t walking – yet.  And, while she received her first baby doll from a friend for her first birthday, she’s not pushing it in a stroller – yet.  So, next best thing to both?  Pushing her high-chair with a stuffed animal in it…

Smash cake & Pool bath!

“Seriously. What is going on, Dad?”
“I’m totally in to all of this singing-to-me stuff…”
“Not too sure about this… it looks too fancy to eat!”
“This tastes so much better than cauliflower!”
“Mom, I was trying to be all neat & clean… but if you insist on a better photo-op, okay… let’s dig in! But wait, why do you look so nervous and disgusted? Is it the promise of me being a total mess when I’m done here?”
“Sugar high officially taking place and I’m ready to share!”
“Just kidding… I want it all to myself again!”
“Someone roll me outta this joint… I’m full!”
“… but I’ll play with it for just a little longer before I get thrown in the bath…”
“Listen up Handsome Rob and Tuck Tuck, this is my pool. I’m happy to share, but please treat my duckies nice, mmmkay?”
“Handsome Rob, what does a baby computer call his dad?… Da-ta! Get it?! Man, I’m hilarious.”

An entire year? Say it ain’t so!

Coming home from the hospital!

I honestly can’t even express how crazy it is that Teigan Elizabeth is officially one year old today.  In fact, at this very moment one year ago, I was showering up and getting ready to head to the hospital [two days beyond my due date].  In just five hours, I would be holding our sweet baby girl in my arms – all without breaking a sweat, I might add [thanks, Crossfit Ktown!].  

While we have the most perfect, wonderful, amazing, good-looking child who is never out-of-line – and never will be – [HA!], I must admit that I didn’t win Mother of the Year award this year.  Shocking, I know.  Wondering why?  My mommy confessions from this first year:

  • I still have never taken Teigan’s temperature – and neither has Ben.  In fact, we’re still not even quite sure how the thing is supposed to work.
  • Sometimes, when I’m feeling super lazy and the diaper is, uh, super messy, rather than dealing with the issue, I just walk on over to the sink and Teigan gets a hose-down in the kitchen.  I promise I use Comet afterwards… almost all of the time.
  • “Cleaning” the pacifier consists of me sucking on it – no matter what it landed in or on.
  • I may, or may not, dance for Teigan in hopes that she will mimic my sweet moves later on in life… like, next year.  Sorry, Ben.
  • I still cuss like a sailor.  I really need to f*ing work on that.
  • I make all of the household chores part of Teigan’s playtime.  Sure, you may not want to clean, but it sure is fun when I strap you to the vacuum and we run around the house – right, Teigs?
  • While I never want to stop Teigan from doing what she loves, and want to be sure that we expose her to all different kinds of sports, musical instruments, and books – I’m seriously crossing my fingers that she never, ever, ever wants to play softball.

Three months old… mid-cat-nap.  What happened to those?
Six months old
Nine months old
I’m a year old!

Sweet Teigan, we are so thankful for you, our little lady, and all of the love, laughter, and joy you have brought us this past year.  You mean the world to us and we love you so incredibly much!  Here’s to many more years of bliss with you!  Please just promise us that you give us at least another dozen years before we’re totally not-cool.  We love you!  Happy 1st Birthday!

The Beginning of the End

This weekend Teigan and I ventured out a couple hours from here for a “Thomas the Train Experience”.  While she still has absolutely no clue what that is, – or Dora, Mickey, a little Einstein, or those weird worm /alien/tubbie things – we went to meet up with my cousin, Catherine, her hubby, Nick, and their nephew, Nate.  While I’m sure it was Nick’s idea to go, they claim they were in town to celebrate Nate’s 3rd birthday.  Uh huh.  

Catherine, Teigan, and I on Thomas the Train
Teigan, the Engineer
Anywhoselbees, I’ve honestly never seen anything like this.  I have no idea if it was because this was the first cluster-event that I’ve been to since becoming a mom, or because I’m older now, or because I’m more aware of how I spend money, or because I am a living, breathing, human being.  Regardless, it was bonkers.  Not only did this couple-week-long-drive-through-event have a train ride [definition: 5 mph for 10 minutes and repeat] upon entry, but there was a petting zoo, fake tattoo’s, story-telling, a Jack Black wanna-be singing songs about trains, bubbles, and bathroom breaks, photo-ops with inanimate objects, and food tents serving Fruit Stripe gum [yes, it apparently still exists].

All I know is that this is the kinda stuff that’s going to empty out our wallets, like, next year.  Here’s to hoping water bottles, pans, books, and grass always keep Teigan occupied and happy!  Hmm, now, as I write this, I’m also realizing that jewelry, remote controls, and cell phones should also be added to that list.  Looks like we just need to pick our poison…

Pool time!

I think most babies love the water, but I tell ya, Teigan finds ways to get into it as often as possible [especially now that she can crawl to the dog’s water bowl and bathe herself, the floor, the food, and the rug in 14 seconds flat – literally]!  She’s been going to the lake since she was just ten days old and we are all about frequent baths – and not just ’cause I’m a clean freak.  She just loves the water!  

Anyways, this past weekend we found a ridonkulously cheap blow-up infant pool and, as you can tell, had an absolute blast watching T in all of her water-spraying-‘n-playing-glory.

Too early to tell, but bets on Teigan being on the 2028 USA Olympian Synchronized Swimming team?

Shakin’ what Mama gave her!

There are a few key physical attributes I have inherited and, much to my dismay [only because I know how much Teigan will be annoyed when she gets older], Teigan has inherited Mama’s boo-tay.  Not only is it round, muscular, and generally in-yo-face, but said Mama also has the distinct pleasure of having one hell of a high butt crack.  Laugh all you want now, but it’s legit.  And so annoying.  

Anyways, I’ve always said that since I was blessed with such a caboose, I better be sure I know how to use it.  Thanks to my dad passing on the knowledge and genes required to seriously shake that booty, I do.  

Sweet Teigan, I noticed from early on, inherited Mama’s booty, but also my dance moves – and attention to a beat when it is near.  Check out the dance party we had on Saturday… and by “we,” I only mean Teigan.  

Uncle Donald is thrilled she’s into techno.  I, on the other hand, will start working with her on Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Beyonce… and probably Hanson… and Backstreet Boys.

Moonshine in Mason Jars = East Tennessee’s Classiest

As you can tell in the video above, and as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Teigan is a walking [with help] fool these days!  And, if I didn’t know better, I would say we’ve got a legit-running-slash-walking-baby on our hands in a couple of weeks.  Oh, snap… ! 

Looks like it’s officially time to put up all of the trashcans, candy bowls, matches, and moonshine-filled mason jars we have within a one-year-old’s reach.  Is it strange that it’s actually a lot?

What?  We’re classy.  I swear.

Seriously, we are… aren’t we?

Future husband & bro-in-law?

Gage, Teigan, and Drew

Gage and Drew, our neighbor’s great-grandkids, are, hands down, the best-looking set of five-year old boys I’ve ever laid my eyes on.  No kidding… and so stinkin’ darling!  They always love on T and it’s pretty much the cutest thing, ever.

Teigan is starting to walk [with assistance] all over the place and I’m finding she loves finding her way directly to them.  And, I swear T starts flirting with them the second they’re in sight… laughing uncontrollably, waving, blushing, clapping… totes adorbs!  

Ben, on the other hand, is already scheming on how to have a talk with them about the fact that Teigan is off-limits for another 34 years.  You think I’m kidding?  I’m not.  I wonder if he realizes all they care about, at this point, is riding their bike, peeing on plants, and digging holes in the dirt?

In the meantime, I just love them.  All three of them.

I suppose a Jetson’s air scooter isn’t that bad…

I’m having a serious series of moments this week…
  • Our sweet little girl is turning one this month.  
  • This time last year, I was seriously preggo and beginning to count down the days until Teigan [still unnamed at that point] was going to show face.  
  • Teigan’s getting more teeth [seven and counting], climbing up and down stairs, using more “words”, and she’s really testing the whole walking thing.  
I’ve said it a million times before, but I’m so not that mom who wants their child to “slow down” because I, quite honestly, can’t wait to see what a serious bad-arse Teigan’s going to be when she grows up.  But… just this week… I wish time would slow down – just a tee-tiny-little-bit.  She’s growing up so fast and with me being gone as much as I have been this past month with work, it’s made me realize that even more.

In only a flash, I can see it… taking her to the movies with her friends to, obvi, meet boys, convincing her that having her own home phone line with the number [865] 4TEIGAN is so not happening, and she is definitely not spending all of her allowance money on that CD-mail-subscription thingy.  Sigh.  

Here’s to thinking those are the things that I’m going to have to deal with in a dozen, or so, years!  Lesibihonest… I have a feeling I should be more concerned with the cell phone chip installed in her wrist, the Jetson’s air scooter she’s riding around, and the fact that the best college in the state is brought to you via Sam’s Club.  Sigh x million.