I suppose a Jetson’s air scooter isn’t that bad…

I’m having a serious series of moments this week…
  • Our sweet little girl is turning one this month.  
  • This time last year, I was seriously preggo and beginning to count down the days until Teigan [still unnamed at that point] was going to show face.  
  • Teigan’s getting more teeth [seven and counting], climbing up and down stairs, using more “words”, and she’s really testing the whole walking thing.  
I’ve said it a million times before, but I’m so not that mom who wants their child to “slow down” because I, quite honestly, can’t wait to see what a serious bad-arse Teigan’s going to be when she grows up.  But… just this week… I wish time would slow down – just a tee-tiny-little-bit.  She’s growing up so fast and with me being gone as much as I have been this past month with work, it’s made me realize that even more.

In only a flash, I can see it… taking her to the movies with her friends to, obvi, meet boys, convincing her that having her own home phone line with the number [865] 4TEIGAN is so not happening, and she is definitely not spending all of her allowance money on that CD-mail-subscription thingy.  Sigh.  

Here’s to thinking those are the things that I’m going to have to deal with in a dozen, or so, years!  Lesibihonest… I have a feeling I should be more concerned with the cell phone chip installed in her wrist, the Jetson’s air scooter she’s riding around, and the fact that the best college in the state is brought to you via Sam’s Club.  Sigh x million.