Future husband & bro-in-law?

Gage, Teigan, and Drew

Gage and Drew, our neighbor’s great-grandkids, are, hands down, the best-looking set of five-year old boys I’ve ever laid my eyes on.  No kidding… and so stinkin’ darling!  They always love on T and it’s pretty much the cutest thing, ever.

Teigan is starting to walk [with assistance] all over the place and I’m finding she loves finding her way directly to them.  And, I swear T starts flirting with them the second they’re in sight… laughing uncontrollably, waving, blushing, clapping… totes adorbs!  

Ben, on the other hand, is already scheming on how to have a talk with them about the fact that Teigan is off-limits for another 34 years.  You think I’m kidding?  I’m not.  I wonder if he realizes all they care about, at this point, is riding their bike, peeing on plants, and digging holes in the dirt?

In the meantime, I just love them.  All three of them.