Shakin’ what Mama gave her!

There are a few key physical attributes I have inherited and, much to my dismay [only because I know how much Teigan will be annoyed when she gets older], Teigan has inherited Mama’s boo-tay.  Not only is it round, muscular, and generally in-yo-face, but said Mama also has the distinct pleasure of having one hell of a high butt crack.  Laugh all you want now, but it’s legit.  And so annoying.  

Anyways, I’ve always said that since I was blessed with such a caboose, I better be sure I know how to use it.  Thanks to my dad passing on the knowledge and genes required to seriously shake that booty, I do.  

Sweet Teigan, I noticed from early on, inherited Mama’s booty, but also my dance moves – and attention to a beat when it is near.  Check out the dance party we had on Saturday… and by “we,” I only mean Teigan.  

Uncle Donald is thrilled she’s into techno.  I, on the other hand, will start working with her on Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Beyonce… and probably Hanson… and Backstreet Boys.

4 thoughts on “Shakin’ what Mama gave her!

    1. Muahaha! Oh, Tay Tay, you know I’m already planning for her first boy-crush poster. And um, yeah, it’s so going to be JL. Maybe, just maybe, it’s already hanging in my bedroom…

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