The Beginning of the End

This weekend Teigan and I ventured out a couple hours from here for a “Thomas the Train Experience”.  While she still has absolutely no clue what that is, – or Dora, Mickey, a little Einstein, or those weird worm /alien/tubbie things – we went to meet up with my cousin, Catherine, her hubby, Nick, and their nephew, Nate.  While I’m sure it was Nick’s idea to go, they claim they were in town to celebrate Nate’s 3rd birthday.  Uh huh.  

Catherine, Teigan, and I on Thomas the Train
Teigan, the Engineer
Anywhoselbees, I’ve honestly never seen anything like this.  I have no idea if it was because this was the first cluster-event that I’ve been to since becoming a mom, or because I’m older now, or because I’m more aware of how I spend money, or because I am a living, breathing, human being.  Regardless, it was bonkers.  Not only did this couple-week-long-drive-through-event have a train ride [definition: 5 mph for 10 minutes and repeat] upon entry, but there was a petting zoo, fake tattoo’s, story-telling, a Jack Black wanna-be singing songs about trains, bubbles, and bathroom breaks, photo-ops with inanimate objects, and food tents serving Fruit Stripe gum [yes, it apparently still exists].

All I know is that this is the kinda stuff that’s going to empty out our wallets, like, next year.  Here’s to hoping water bottles, pans, books, and grass always keep Teigan occupied and happy!  Hmm, now, as I write this, I’m also realizing that jewelry, remote controls, and cell phones should also be added to that list.  Looks like we just need to pick our poison…