Smash cake & Pool bath!

“Seriously. What is going on, Dad?”
“I’m totally in to all of this singing-to-me stuff…”
“Not too sure about this… it looks too fancy to eat!”
“This tastes so much better than cauliflower!”
“Mom, I was trying to be all neat & clean… but if you insist on a better photo-op, okay… let’s dig in! But wait, why do you look so nervous and disgusted? Is it the promise of me being a total mess when I’m done here?”
“Sugar high officially taking place and I’m ready to share!”
“Just kidding… I want it all to myself again!”
“Someone roll me outta this joint… I’m full!”
“… but I’ll play with it for just a little longer before I get thrown in the bath…”
“Listen up Handsome Rob and Tuck Tuck, this is my pool. I’m happy to share, but please treat my duckies nice, mmmkay?”
“Handsome Rob, what does a baby computer call his dad?… Da-ta! Get it?! Man, I’m hilarious.”