Opening weekend at the lake!

Thanks for the super adorbs hat, Auntie Meaghan!

So Memorial Day weekend came and went which, for us, means opening day at the lake!  The entire summer last year we kept talking about what our lake days would be like once Teigan was really mobile.  Well, I can tell you that is a lot more work, but so much fun watching her play in the water – and really enjoy it!  

Two men, two babies, and a mini pup… hmmm
Teigan & Handsome Rob being cool in the penguin pool
Daddy & T
Sweet T

We’re not sure if she’s a mer-person yet, but I did sign up for mommy-daughter swim classes that start in a couple weeks.  I’m actually super excited about it!  Now, if only there were lessons directing mommy to get over her fear of a snake popping up out of the water at any given moment.  That’s what I get for growing up near the Gulf of Mexico… sigh.

PS :: I completely neglected to give everyone Teigan’s one-year stats, so, as of May 18:
    Age: 367 days old
    Weight: 20 lbs. 3 oz.
    Height: 28 1/4″

    Head circumference: 17 3/4″
Teigan has grown 7 1/4″ and gained 12 lbs. 1 oz. since she was born.  She has seven teeth fully in and one more coming in.  If you stop and think about that, that’s totally wild!