Sweet T has been taking a couple steps here-‘n-there, so we knew it was just a matter of time before our little lady would be running around.  Well…

… as I walked in the door to pick up Teigan today, I was greeted with the best news – she started legitimately walking today!  I’m not gonna lie, a little bit of me felt so insanely guilty that I missed the first real walk as I was working, but, I am so incredibly happy that Doug & Kathy were witness to it!  

Having left my cell phone in the car for the first few walks I was witness to, I was able to capture the last one of the day – in which I started crying and she subsequently finished the walk with a swift fall into the coffee table.  First fall of many?  No doubt, but I’m stoked!

Should I already be regretting this excitement, fellow mommies?  Here goes nothin’!

10 thoughts on “We’re-a-walkin’!

    1. Park trips!… definitely going to be way more fun. It’s just all of those glass chards and knives I need to think about putting away now. ;c)

  1. So cute! I loved when my girls started walking, it makes it more interesting but their little personalities just blossom with their new found freedom. Go Teigan go!

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