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Happy 31st, Daddy!

Happy 31st Birthday, Dada!

I can’t believe I’ve been around for two of your birthday’s now.  Time sure does fly when you’re busy sippin’ the good stuff, poopin’, gettin’ teefers, crawlin’, walkin’, runnin’, stoppin’ to chat with every human being everywhere we go, and eatin’ Hoolie & Rica’s food!  Anyways, it’s been a good year [or so you & Ma-oma seem to say all the time] and I can’t wait to celebrate at least 60 more of these with ya – and then I promise to change your diapers!

You’re the bestest daddy in the whole. wide. world!

I love you so much! 

Chillaxin’ it on your 30th birthday… one year ago…
… one year later… Daddy! You’re 31!

Laughing [& Haely]… it does a body good.

Having a tough day?  Tonight’s dinner plans went to sh*t… fast?  Can’t figure out where your favorite set of boxer-briefs ran off to [Spoiler alert: This isn’t my particular problem… or is it?]?  The Olympics haven’t started yet?  Ran out of Blue Bell ice cream?  Slammed your face into your own knee and made your lip bleed [Yes; this actually happened. I mean, really? Who does that?]?

Sweet child, I feel your pain.  Take my advice and enjoy these two short comedies below – courtesy of, and featuring, my sweet love, Haely.  You can thank me later – after you’ve cried from laughing so hard…

She’s amazing, right?  Talented.  Hilarious.  Stunning.  Sheesh!

And it begins…

I should start by letting you know that Teigan doesn’t watch TV.  Well, except for when super intelligent shows like Bachelor Pad and Chelsea Lately are on – and Teigan stops to take in the awesomeness.  Anyways, I digress. I’ve thoroughly loved the fact that Teigan doesn’t need a TV show to calm her down, keep her entertained, or make her smile – yet.  

For some unknown reason to me, Ben decided it would be a great idea to put Barney and Friends [yes, that same purple dinosaur] on TV this evening when they got home.   Looks like those crazy kid shows actually know what they’re doing…

As much as I hate the fact that a TV show caught her attention like it did and she’s enjoying it [not to mention that horrible noise coming from the speakers], I do happen to love the reaction.  So hilarious – and adorable!

I love you!  You love me!

We. Love. Lake.

Easy life living
Girl time!
Ashley & I
The JAP’s + Teigan! Rachael the Jew, Erin the J[g]inger, and Samantha the Jap.
James showin’ us the way to the… water?
Rach gettin’ to business in the most peaceful place around
1.5 seconds before Sam donated her sweet shades to the lake gods
Noodle-round-table-talk with the men
Water baby!

Shades Hide ‘n Seek

T playing hide ‘n seek with Samantha’s shades [before the lake swallowed them up]

If this is not adorable, I honestly have no idea what is.  I’m obviously completely biased, but seriously… she’s crazy precious.

House Mountain

I didn’t have a chance to post these pictures from a hike I took to both sides of the top of House Mountain a handful of weeks ago.  Better late than never?  Eh

Anyways, it was post crazy-time at work and I had the day off!  Boom-shaca-laca!  It was the perfect thing to do to get my fitness on, clear my head, become one with nature [unknown large animal poop tracks that definitely freaked me out included], sing when literally no one could hear me, and attempt to break my record of not racing through the hike… actually enjoying it and not timing my way through it.  It was absolutely glorious!
Pretty sure this little guy is related to me.  Well, the Horned Frog part of me…
B-e-a-utiful East Tennessee
Probably my favorite view
I spent way too much time at this very spot.  Goal accomplished!

Workin’ on living the slow life,


Lakeside hangin’

As promised, here are the totes adorbs pictures of Teigan hanging lake-side…

Uncle Z-man and his sweet niece holding down the boat
Lake-side pool play time!
“Daddy! Hi! It’s me!”
“Hey everyone! I love this sweet paddleboard! Can I just jump off again now?”
Now, the pictures from the most Pinterest-wedding, ever!  I seriously should have taken more pictures of the decor and the super good-looking bride & groom!  Congrats, Jeff & Sarah!

Teigan mid-dancing/post-band-chatting while I sit back enjoying every second of this precious moment.
I think she’s yummy… she thinks it’s hilarious!

She turned down the Fantasy Suite? Who does that!? #bachelorette #pleasedontforgo,


PS :: Teigs totally said “Night Night” tonight! My heart dropped. She’s practically sixteen and dating already [sorry, Ben, I meant 34 and dating…]! Where is time going?!

We be paddleboardin’!

What’s my favorite thing these days, other than Blue Bell coffee ice cream and wind blowing in my hair?  Paddleboarding.  Duh!  We broke in my birthday present on the lake this weekend and had an absolute blast.  So, here’s a photo onslaught of Ben, Uncle Z-man, Uncle Matty, and yours truly rockin’ the most hipster thing to enter Norris Lake.  If only we had a boombox playing Gotye blaring…

Ben at one with Norris
Look at that balance. Go Ben!
Zach, the reigning paddleboard master
Uncle Z-man!
Uncle Matty doing what he does best… graceful landings.
Matt is in his comfort zone with the paddleboard; next and not on
Just getting started and loving it!
In my happy place

Stay tuned tomorrow for fun pictures of Teigan swimming like the Olympic rockstar she almost is and some of us from the most Pinterest-inspired-wedding-ever!  Well, let’s be honest, no one reads this blog for pictures of us, so enjoy a little sneak peek…

Love that face! And those teeth! And those Popeye arms! But mostly that crazy tongue!

Call me, maybe?,


G-Daddy & Grammy casa update!

Well, the Kreider compound is coming along nicely!  And Teigan, for one, is absolutely loving playing around with all of the dirt, wood shavings, and… sweet men working on the house.  Such a flirt!  Hard to believe that by next year the whole fam-damily will be here.  Yowza!

Note: These pictures were taken a few weeks ago… hard to believe how far they’ve come on the house since then.  I wonder if it’s too early for me to start squatting there?


For my birthday, Ben, Teigan, Matt, and I went out to a casual dinner at one of my favorite spots in town, Bistro by the Bijou, followed by deliciousness and people-watching on the patio of Coolato Gelato.  Score!  It was a lovely, relaxing evening.  

Afterwards, Teigan got her first taste of the fountains in Market Square and, as it turns out, isn’t the biggest fan of them – yet.  She was far more interested in walking with mommy and daddy, all while carrying her diaper purse.  She seriously knows exactly what to do with it and how to carry it.  I’m not kidding.  Diva, this is your fault.

“Daddy, the fountains look pretty cool. Let’s walk over there!”
“Okay, so they do look neat, Mom… but I can’t get my mind off of…”
“… precisely! It’s time to strut my stuff with my purse!”

PS :: I have to show off pretty much the coolest birthday present, ever, too.  Norris Lake and hopefully-insta-hot-abs [fingers crossed]… here I come!

It’s a paddleboard! BOOM!