We be paddleboardin’!

What’s my favorite thing these days, other than Blue Bell coffee ice cream and wind blowing in my hair?  Paddleboarding.  Duh!  We broke in my birthday present on the lake this weekend and had an absolute blast.  So, here’s a photo onslaught of Ben, Uncle Z-man, Uncle Matty, and yours truly rockin’ the most hipster thing to enter Norris Lake.  If only we had a boombox playing Gotye blaring…

Ben at one with Norris
Look at that balance. Go Ben!
Zach, the reigning paddleboard master
Uncle Z-man!
Uncle Matty doing what he does best… graceful landings.
Matt is in his comfort zone with the paddleboard; next and not on
Just getting started and loving it!
In my happy place

Stay tuned tomorrow for fun pictures of Teigan swimming like the Olympic rockstar she almost is and some of us from the most Pinterest-inspired-wedding-ever!  Well, let’s be honest, no one reads this blog for pictures of us, so enjoy a little sneak peek…

Love that face! And those teeth! And those Popeye arms! But mostly that crazy tongue!

Call me, maybe?,