Lakeside hangin’

As promised, here are the totes adorbs pictures of Teigan hanging lake-side…

Uncle Z-man and his sweet niece holding down the boat
Lake-side pool play time!
“Daddy! Hi! It’s me!”
“Hey everyone! I love this sweet paddleboard! Can I just jump off again now?”
Now, the pictures from the most Pinterest-wedding, ever!  I seriously should have taken more pictures of the decor and the super good-looking bride & groom!  Congrats, Jeff & Sarah!

Teigan mid-dancing/post-band-chatting while I sit back enjoying every second of this precious moment.
I think she’s yummy… she thinks it’s hilarious!

She turned down the Fantasy Suite? Who does that!? #bachelorette #pleasedontforgo,


PS :: Teigs totally said “Night Night” tonight! My heart dropped. She’s practically sixteen and dating already [sorry, Ben, I meant 34 and dating…]! Where is time going?!