House Mountain

I didn’t have a chance to post these pictures from a hike I took to both sides of the top of House Mountain a handful of weeks ago.  Better late than never?  Eh

Anyways, it was post crazy-time at work and I had the day off!  Boom-shaca-laca!  It was the perfect thing to do to get my fitness on, clear my head, become one with nature [unknown large animal poop tracks that definitely freaked me out included], sing when literally no one could hear me, and attempt to break my record of not racing through the hike… actually enjoying it and not timing my way through it.  It was absolutely glorious!
Pretty sure this little guy is related to me.  Well, the Horned Frog part of me…
B-e-a-utiful East Tennessee
Probably my favorite view
I spent way too much time at this very spot.  Goal accomplished!

Workin’ on living the slow life,