Laughing [& Haely]… it does a body good.

Having a tough day?  Tonight’s dinner plans went to sh*t… fast?  Can’t figure out where your favorite set of boxer-briefs ran off to [Spoiler alert: This isn’t my particular problem… or is it?]?  The Olympics haven’t started yet?  Ran out of Blue Bell ice cream?  Slammed your face into your own knee and made your lip bleed [Yes; this actually happened. I mean, really? Who does that?]?

Sweet child, I feel your pain.  Take my advice and enjoy these two short comedies below – courtesy of, and featuring, my sweet love, Haely.  You can thank me later – after you’ve cried from laughing so hard…

She’s amazing, right?  Talented.  Hilarious.  Stunning.  Sheesh!