Happy 31st, Daddy!

Happy 31st Birthday, Dada!

I can’t believe I’ve been around for two of your birthday’s now.  Time sure does fly when you’re busy sippin’ the good stuff, poopin’, gettin’ teefers, crawlin’, walkin’, runnin’, stoppin’ to chat with every human being everywhere we go, and eatin’ Hoolie & Rica’s food!  Anyways, it’s been a good year [or so you & Ma-oma seem to say all the time] and I can’t wait to celebrate at least 60 more of these with ya – and then I promise to change your diapers!

You’re the bestest daddy in the whole. wide. world!

I love you so much! 

Chillaxin’ it on your 30th birthday… one year ago…
… one year later… Daddy! You’re 31!