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Poll time!

Alright, it’s poll time.  So, all of you peeps that stalk this blog and never write a message – it’s on!  Humor me?  Anyways, I want to know who you think Teigan is looking like these days… she’s changing so frequently, but big debates are happening here and I need some seriously serious market research done in order to back these arguments up!

And…. go!

PS :: I promise that one day in the next week or so I will take the time to sit down and write a legit blog post about something totally hilarious, inspiring, exciting, and/or ridiculous.    Or I could just post more pictures of Teigs.  We all know that’s what everyone wants, anyways.  I get it.

Soaking up the Fountains

The fountains in Market Square are one of about a million things I am excited about Teigan enjoying as she grows up.  While we’ve played around them several times before, this was the first time that she was all-out ready to get soaked – and that she did!  Unfortunately I missed it as it was part of a daddy-daughter date, but like any dedicated, proud, doting dad, Ben took video.  

What did everyone do before iPhones?  Seriously!

Colorado Vacay :: Part 5 of 5!

Our final full day in Colorado was a busy one!  We drove from Lake Agnes to Fort Collins to visit some family members on the White side before heading over to Donny’s childhood friend’s farm – before then heading back to Littleton to spend the evening on Donny & Mary Gayle’s super relaxing back patio!  Phew, no wonder we were all in bed by 9:30pm!

In Fort Collins, we met up with a couple of Kathy’s cousin’s and various other family members at Grandpa Dick’s sister, Dot, and her husband, Perry’s, home.  Talk about two super-cool people!  They are both artists and their own work, combined with pieces they’ve collected, totally blew me away.

Dot & Perry in their living room
Once we landed at Jim & Cheri Vilona’s farm in Berthoud, I was immediately taken aback.  They have a large-scale, outdoor sculpture park in their front yard, the cutest house, a crazy studio, a beautiful gallery [complete with what many have stated to be the most in-tact dinosaur egg collection in the world… at a home… not in a museum!], a farm complete with a miniture horse and a normal-size who just so happened to be the famous horse, Secretariat’s, daughter.  It was like a theme park!
Secretariat’s daughter and Teigan lovin’ on eachother
Uncle Z-man, Dada, and Teigs right before we took off :(

 The next morning we were on the road back to KnoxVegas.  

It was a lovely trip and we were so lucky to have such a beautiful place to retreat!  Thanks to Donny & Mary Gayle for the hospitality and Doug & Kathy for making the trip happen – and for playing babysitter a few times while we were there!

Maybe we can not wait another ten years before we head up there next time?  Fo’ rizzle.

Colorado Vacay :: Part 4

It’s been a few days [hellooo soaking up the weekend – and the turbo, mac daddy Slip ‘n Slide that may, or may not, have consumed much of our Saturday!], but I’m back to the 2012 Colorado series of posts.  Enjoy the obscene amount of photos because tomorrow I will posting Part 5, the final round.  I know you’re upset… believe me, I am, too!  But here goes….

Reenactment alert: An almost identical photo was taken a decade ago of Zach & Ben! 
Thursday was, yet again, another beautiful day in Lake Agnes.  A few of us decided to hike up to a breathtaking spot – one that was familiar to both Ben and I.  It was the same spot that we went hiking to with Haely and fam ten years ago [almost to the exact date].  Donny, Mary Gayle, Zach, Ben, and I took a breather from this spot for quite some time.
Lake Agnes in the distance

As if my day weren’t going great enough, as soon as we got back to the cabin, we were in for some serious rounds of Pickleball.  Never heard of it?  Me either – up until this point – but think doubles tennis meets ping-pong.  Still confused?  Have no fear, the USA Pickleball Association [I’m serious] will be happy to explain.  Anyways, it’s amazing and the competitive side in me kicked into serious gear… as did everyone else’s!

Thanks for noticing my form… and the whiff.

Ball girl!
After that, it was back to the ‘ol bb gun target shooting…

… and then an evening ride and by-chance fishing to cap off the day!  <cue Erin catching a sweet rainbow trout just eight minutes into the ride>  Hiiiyooo!

Most fun day, ever, right?

Colorado Vacay :: Part 3

Our third day in the mountains meant us traveling about 30 minutes into the beautiful town of Steamboat.  The day kicked off with Ben, Zach, Andrew, and I tubing down the Yampa River for an hour or so.  It started off peaceful and fun… but like any venture out with the boys, it ended with a food fight… well, river-algae-long-legged-creepy-mess-thingy’s-from-the-bottom being flung left and right.  Sigh.
While we were tubing, the rest of the gang went out to the gardens.

Future soccer player?  Duh.
We met back up afterwards and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and eating… what we do best!  
T learning how to pick her nose and fling it on Uncle Z-man  in public. We’re so classy!
Once we got back to Lake Agnes, it was back to the usual…. hang time, watching the Olympics, fishing, etc.  I tell ya, it’s a rough life out there in Colorado.  Phew!
Sis [Kathy] & Bro [Donny]!
Mary Gayle and Donny

Zach soaking in USA!
Until Part 4!

Colorado Vacay :: Part 2

And so our Colorado trip continues… on Monday afternoon we were on the road to Lake Agnes, a small, private lake and forest area in the middle of the Rockies about a half hour outside of Steamboat.  

How else would ANY vacation in the middle of the mountains start?  With a smooth dive into the freezing-degree water – duh!  And don’t you worry, I swam every single day we were there.  Glorious!
My swimming-partner-in-crime, Zach, and I on Day 1 of our epic water adventures!
Z-man and I – we survived!

The rest of our first evening [and every other subsequent night] was spent reminiscing, telling stories, and what we’ll call “family battle time” when people would emotionally debate over hot, untouchable issues [cue Erin singing louder 90’s pop music and running farther and farther away… hoooooray for the Olympics!]

The next day, Tuesday, we woke up and went on a wog [wog (whog): verb. 1) To move quickly by moving the legs as rapidly as possible in such a manner that is suitable until it’s absolutely necessary to slow down and walk] around the 140 acre lake, did some target shooting via BB gun, and went on a nice hike where we saw a black bear!  

Grandpa Dick & Ben
Uncle Z-man, Professional Photographer 
Click on the picture – it’s a black bear!
But lesbihonest, most of what we really did was sit around and watch Teigan grow up before our eyes.  Gosh, this past week I swear T became a toddler.  She’s running, saying “no”, carrying her purse on her shoulder everywhere she goes, and wearing out her kick-ass cowgirl boots [see Part IV blog].

Oh, and we watched and heard about Andrew spending all day long fishing.  On this day, it was just one lucky rainbow trout [that we smoked later on in the week].  But really, Drew… oww owww!

What fish could possibly resist being caught by this hot guy?   

So in the spirit of Now 1 and non-stop singing of the best 90’s music, ever, being sung by only you and I in the middle of the mountains in the middle of the night, this is for you, Andrew… but really, I sing it way better, right?  Right?  Wait…. right?

Colorado Vacay :: Part 1

Last week, Team Slocum visited the Rocky Mountains for a relaxing little vacay to Denver and Steamboat.  We literally have hundreds of photos, so I’m gonna have to break this trip down into a few blogs… so giddy up, amigos, and enjoy all that is Colorado!

The week started off just right by getting to spend the first couple of days with my dear friend of more than a decade, Tim, his loverly wife, Laura, and his stunna’ of a dog, General.  

Teigan and Laura loungin’ in the backyard
TK and General
Me & Laura
The boys and their fav little girl

Tim, Laura, and General moved from Houston to Denver 2.5 years ago, but this was our first trip out to see their adorbs place in Washington Park.  Anyone who knows us can give a pretty good estimate of what went on and it’s quite simple, really… porch sittin’, Chicago dancin’, movie watchin’, whiskey drinkin’, frisbee throwin’, and soakin’ up that Denver air!  

Spending time with TK and his beautiful family made me so incredibly happy.  It had been far too long since we got to spend quality time together catching up and doing what we do best – maxin’ and relaxin’ all cool!

Ben getting ready to love on General… through the back door. 

Laura throwing the frisbee like a pro!
It may look like I know what I’m doing…but you have no idea where this throw landed. Aye
Uncle Timmy!

Until next time, Klein’s.  We adore ALL of you… and I’m already missing you like cray-cray!

Forever Krazy Kreider,

Chow Love

For more than three years, we’ve [lesbihonest, mostly Ben has] worked diligently at having the sweetest, most laid back, super well-behaved dogs in our neck of the woods.  We leave our full dinner plate or their dog bowl [that they share] anywhere within reach; they don’t even attempt to touch it.  We take them for a ride in the car; they go to sleep.  Total strangers come knocking on the door; they roll over and beg for a belly rub.  Not to mention the fact that they, especially Hoolie, are completely obsessed with Teigan.  She pulls their hair, tugs on their tails, jumps up and down on them, and plays hide ‘n seek with them.

With the exception of barking at people walking/running up and down the hill next to our house, humping eachother [which I still blame on the shelter, even though they left at eight weeks old], and running through the flowers Ben works so hard on, Hoolie and Rica are pretty much angel dogs.

I wonder how much all of this will change as Teigan grows up and starts teaching them bad habits… like eating human food.  Rather, did we just pick up on the fact that A) Teigan is totally going to be that kid that hides her vegetables behind the wall heater [ahem, Mom!] and, B) I need to pray to God that Beneful Heart Healthy dog food isn’t that terrible for human consumption…?

So many silly little experiences.  Some may be harmful to her health [see above], but adorable memories – never to be forgotten.  Thank goodness for writing, closing, and remembering!


Fish Face!

Teigan’s signature dramatic faces, The Smoosh and Home Alone, have faded into a distant memory as she’s discovered her new favorite.  Introducing… FISH FACE!

If that isn’t Paul McCartney’s twin sister reincarnated… well… call me maybe?  It just is, okay?

Mucho amor,

Lake loungin’

Another weekend passed.  Another Saturday and Sunday full of absolutely nothing other than playing with Sweet T, eating, paddleboarding, getting sun kissed, and sleeping.  

Our friends, The Brosnan’s, were able to join us for another Saturday on the lake this past weekend.  As is usual, we had a blast and talked about all sorts of awesome, amazing, and usually inappropriate things.  But this time, Emma got in the water [and loved it!] and Kate and Jim tried their hand [and hips] at the ‘ol paddleboard – and rocked it!
Teigan floatin’.  Is she or isn’t she?  😉
Kate rockin’ the paddleboard
Beautiful Emma mid-nap in the water
Excellent depth, Brosno!
Checkin’ out the scene
Ben rockin’ out a handstand… on the paddleboard… in the middle of the lake!
Ben did a handstand?  Oh hell, competition is ON!  Here’s my first attempt.

Suit + Apron + Dirty Diaper = me!

Can I just brag for just for a minute?  Did you check yes?  No?  Too bad, I’m going, anyways.  Mmmkay, thanks.  

So, I get home from work at 6; take a shower, play with, feed, love on, and entertain Teigan; vacuum the entire house [floors, blinds, windows, walls, and ceiling fans included]; pour a glass of wine; make an egg and sausage casserole; do a load of laundry; make obscene amounts of “manicotti” [disclaimer: this recipe passed down from my mom, has absolutely nothing to do with traditional manicotti; let’s just say “amazingly delicious meatballs”]; whip up some kale chips; do the dishes; write this blog; and start watching Life As We Know It.  And it’s 10:28pm.  

To be honest, most evenings are like this [minus the egg casserole and blind-vacuuming], but every now and then I realize that a working mom can do it all.  Really, we can.  I feel like I could get on a soapbox about this, but I’ll save you from the rant… but only because you originally didn’t want to hear anything about me in the first place.  

Now, why you’re all here…

Seriously? Such a princess.

None of these jobs makes me more proud than MOM,

PS – I can’t possibly post this without noting how much easier all of this is when your hubby is always more than willing to help out with everything!  It may just be so my head doesn’t pop off and I enter crazy-clean-mode [every day… sigh], but I like to think that he loves cleaning the toilets.  ;c)