Suit + Apron + Dirty Diaper = me!

Can I just brag for just for a minute?  Did you check yes?  No?  Too bad, I’m going, anyways.  Mmmkay, thanks.  

So, I get home from work at 6; take a shower, play with, feed, love on, and entertain Teigan; vacuum the entire house [floors, blinds, windows, walls, and ceiling fans included]; pour a glass of wine; make an egg and sausage casserole; do a load of laundry; make obscene amounts of “manicotti” [disclaimer: this recipe passed down from my mom, has absolutely nothing to do with traditional manicotti; let’s just say “amazingly delicious meatballs”]; whip up some kale chips; do the dishes; write this blog; and start watching Life As We Know It.  And it’s 10:28pm.  

To be honest, most evenings are like this [minus the egg casserole and blind-vacuuming], but every now and then I realize that a working mom can do it all.  Really, we can.  I feel like I could get on a soapbox about this, but I’ll save you from the rant… but only because you originally didn’t want to hear anything about me in the first place.  

Now, why you’re all here…

Seriously? Such a princess.

None of these jobs makes me more proud than MOM,

PS – I can’t possibly post this without noting how much easier all of this is when your hubby is always more than willing to help out with everything!  It may just be so my head doesn’t pop off and I enter crazy-clean-mode [every day… sigh], but I like to think that he loves cleaning the toilets.  ;c)

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