Lake loungin’

Another weekend passed.  Another Saturday and Sunday full of absolutely nothing other than playing with Sweet T, eating, paddleboarding, getting sun kissed, and sleeping.  

Our friends, The Brosnan’s, were able to join us for another Saturday on the lake this past weekend.  As is usual, we had a blast and talked about all sorts of awesome, amazing, and usually inappropriate things.  But this time, Emma got in the water [and loved it!] and Kate and Jim tried their hand [and hips] at the ‘ol paddleboard – and rocked it!
Teigan floatin’.  Is she or isn’t she?  😉
Kate rockin’ the paddleboard
Beautiful Emma mid-nap in the water
Excellent depth, Brosno!
Checkin’ out the scene
Ben rockin’ out a handstand… on the paddleboard… in the middle of the lake!
Ben did a handstand?  Oh hell, competition is ON!  Here’s my first attempt.