Chow Love

For more than three years, we’ve [lesbihonest, mostly Ben has] worked diligently at having the sweetest, most laid back, super well-behaved dogs in our neck of the woods.  We leave our full dinner plate or their dog bowl [that they share] anywhere within reach; they don’t even attempt to touch it.  We take them for a ride in the car; they go to sleep.  Total strangers come knocking on the door; they roll over and beg for a belly rub.  Not to mention the fact that they, especially Hoolie, are completely obsessed with Teigan.  She pulls their hair, tugs on their tails, jumps up and down on them, and plays hide ‘n seek with them.

With the exception of barking at people walking/running up and down the hill next to our house, humping eachother [which I still blame on the shelter, even though they left at eight weeks old], and running through the flowers Ben works so hard on, Hoolie and Rica are pretty much angel dogs.

I wonder how much all of this will change as Teigan grows up and starts teaching them bad habits… like eating human food.  Rather, did we just pick up on the fact that A) Teigan is totally going to be that kid that hides her vegetables behind the wall heater [ahem, Mom!] and, B) I need to pray to God that Beneful Heart Healthy dog food isn’t that terrible for human consumption…?

So many silly little experiences.  Some may be harmful to her health [see above], but adorable memories – never to be forgotten.  Thank goodness for writing, closing, and remembering!


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