Colorado Vacay :: Part 1

Last week, Team Slocum visited the Rocky Mountains for a relaxing little vacay to Denver and Steamboat.  We literally have hundreds of photos, so I’m gonna have to break this trip down into a few blogs… so giddy up, amigos, and enjoy all that is Colorado!

The week started off just right by getting to spend the first couple of days with my dear friend of more than a decade, Tim, his loverly wife, Laura, and his stunna’ of a dog, General.  

Teigan and Laura loungin’ in the backyard
TK and General
Me & Laura
The boys and their fav little girl

Tim, Laura, and General moved from Houston to Denver 2.5 years ago, but this was our first trip out to see their adorbs place in Washington Park.  Anyone who knows us can give a pretty good estimate of what went on and it’s quite simple, really… porch sittin’, Chicago dancin’, movie watchin’, whiskey drinkin’, frisbee throwin’, and soakin’ up that Denver air!  

Spending time with TK and his beautiful family made me so incredibly happy.  It had been far too long since we got to spend quality time together catching up and doing what we do best – maxin’ and relaxin’ all cool!

Ben getting ready to love on General… through the back door. 

Laura throwing the frisbee like a pro!
It may look like I know what I’m doing…but you have no idea where this throw landed. Aye
Uncle Timmy!

Until next time, Klein’s.  We adore ALL of you… and I’m already missing you like cray-cray!

Forever Krazy Kreider,