Colorado Vacay :: Part 2

And so our Colorado trip continues… on Monday afternoon we were on the road to Lake Agnes, a small, private lake and forest area in the middle of the Rockies about a half hour outside of Steamboat.  

How else would ANY vacation in the middle of the mountains start?  With a smooth dive into the freezing-degree water – duh!  And don’t you worry, I swam every single day we were there.  Glorious!
My swimming-partner-in-crime, Zach, and I on Day 1 of our epic water adventures!
Z-man and I – we survived!

The rest of our first evening [and every other subsequent night] was spent reminiscing, telling stories, and what we’ll call “family battle time” when people would emotionally debate over hot, untouchable issues [cue Erin singing louder 90’s pop music and running farther and farther away… hoooooray for the Olympics!]

The next day, Tuesday, we woke up and went on a wog [wog (whog): verb. 1) To move quickly by moving the legs as rapidly as possible in such a manner that is suitable until it’s absolutely necessary to slow down and walk] around the 140 acre lake, did some target shooting via BB gun, and went on a nice hike where we saw a black bear!  

Grandpa Dick & Ben
Uncle Z-man, Professional Photographer 
Click on the picture – it’s a black bear!
But lesbihonest, most of what we really did was sit around and watch Teigan grow up before our eyes.  Gosh, this past week I swear T became a toddler.  She’s running, saying “no”, carrying her purse on her shoulder everywhere she goes, and wearing out her kick-ass cowgirl boots [see Part IV blog].

Oh, and we watched and heard about Andrew spending all day long fishing.  On this day, it was just one lucky rainbow trout [that we smoked later on in the week].  But really, Drew… oww owww!

What fish could possibly resist being caught by this hot guy?   

So in the spirit of Now 1 and non-stop singing of the best 90’s music, ever, being sung by only you and I in the middle of the mountains in the middle of the night, this is for you, Andrew… but really, I sing it way better, right?  Right?  Wait…. right?

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  1. Erin, I like to think of those evening talks as heated debates full of love. There’s nothing like discussing religion and politics to bring a family closer….and actually, it does. You never know what you will learn from someone elses view points or feelings and I usually do. It always makes me feel so thankful and blessed for the family I have, the times that I am living and the country I live in.

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