Colorado Vacay :: Part 3

Our third day in the mountains meant us traveling about 30 minutes into the beautiful town of Steamboat.  The day kicked off with Ben, Zach, Andrew, and I tubing down the Yampa River for an hour or so.  It started off peaceful and fun… but like any venture out with the boys, it ended with a food fight… well, river-algae-long-legged-creepy-mess-thingy’s-from-the-bottom being flung left and right.  Sigh.
While we were tubing, the rest of the gang went out to the gardens.

Future soccer player?  Duh.
We met back up afterwards and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and eating… what we do best!  
T learning how to pick her nose and fling it on Uncle Z-man  in public. We’re so classy!
Once we got back to Lake Agnes, it was back to the usual…. hang time, watching the Olympics, fishing, etc.  I tell ya, it’s a rough life out there in Colorado.  Phew!
Sis [Kathy] & Bro [Donny]!
Mary Gayle and Donny

Zach soaking in USA!
Until Part 4!

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  1. Can I just say I love the picture of Ben sitting on the deck and T leaning on his knee! HOW PRECIOUS!!! And I seriously better get in there with the rolls and ta-dahs…how else is she going to learn the flip throw?

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