Colorado Vacay :: Part 4

It’s been a few days [hellooo soaking up the weekend – and the turbo, mac daddy Slip ‘n Slide that may, or may not, have consumed much of our Saturday!], but I’m back to the 2012 Colorado series of posts.  Enjoy the obscene amount of photos because tomorrow I will posting Part 5, the final round.  I know you’re upset… believe me, I am, too!  But here goes….

Reenactment alert: An almost identical photo was taken a decade ago of Zach & Ben! 
Thursday was, yet again, another beautiful day in Lake Agnes.  A few of us decided to hike up to a breathtaking spot – one that was familiar to both Ben and I.  It was the same spot that we went hiking to with Haely and fam ten years ago [almost to the exact date].  Donny, Mary Gayle, Zach, Ben, and I took a breather from this spot for quite some time.
Lake Agnes in the distance

As if my day weren’t going great enough, as soon as we got back to the cabin, we were in for some serious rounds of Pickleball.  Never heard of it?  Me either – up until this point – but think doubles tennis meets ping-pong.  Still confused?  Have no fear, the USA Pickleball Association [I’m serious] will be happy to explain.  Anyways, it’s amazing and the competitive side in me kicked into serious gear… as did everyone else’s!

Thanks for noticing my form… and the whiff.

Ball girl!
After that, it was back to the ‘ol bb gun target shooting…

… and then an evening ride and by-chance fishing to cap off the day!  <cue Erin catching a sweet rainbow trout just eight minutes into the ride>  Hiiiyooo!

Most fun day, ever, right?

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  1. Best part about the fish is that you totally nailed one right away and the serious fisherman 50 yards away hadn’t caught anything for hours. “Sorry for not being sorry!”

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