Colorado Vacay :: Part 5 of 5!

Our final full day in Colorado was a busy one!  We drove from Lake Agnes to Fort Collins to visit some family members on the White side before heading over to Donny’s childhood friend’s farm – before then heading back to Littleton to spend the evening on Donny & Mary Gayle’s super relaxing back patio!  Phew, no wonder we were all in bed by 9:30pm!

In Fort Collins, we met up with a couple of Kathy’s cousin’s and various other family members at Grandpa Dick’s sister, Dot, and her husband, Perry’s, home.  Talk about two super-cool people!  They are both artists and their own work, combined with pieces they’ve collected, totally blew me away.

Dot & Perry in their living room
Once we landed at Jim & Cheri Vilona’s farm in Berthoud, I was immediately taken aback.  They have a large-scale, outdoor sculpture park in their front yard, the cutest house, a crazy studio, a beautiful gallery [complete with what many have stated to be the most in-tact dinosaur egg collection in the world… at a home… not in a museum!], a farm complete with a miniture horse and a normal-size who just so happened to be the famous horse, Secretariat’s, daughter.  It was like a theme park!
Secretariat’s daughter and Teigan lovin’ on eachother
Uncle Z-man, Dada, and Teigs right before we took off :(

 The next morning we were on the road back to KnoxVegas.  

It was a lovely trip and we were so lucky to have such a beautiful place to retreat!  Thanks to Donny & Mary Gayle for the hospitality and Doug & Kathy for making the trip happen – and for playing babysitter a few times while we were there!

Maybe we can not wait another ten years before we head up there next time?  Fo’ rizzle.