Poll time!

Alright, it’s poll time.  So, all of you peeps that stalk this blog and never write a message – it’s on!  Humor me?  Anyways, I want to know who you think Teigan is looking like these days… she’s changing so frequently, but big debates are happening here and I need some seriously serious market research done in order to back these arguments up!

And…. go!

PS :: I promise that one day in the next week or so I will take the time to sit down and write a legit blog post about something totally hilarious, inspiring, exciting, and/or ridiculous.    Or I could just post more pictures of Teigs.  We all know that’s what everyone wants, anyways.  I get it.

6 thoughts on “Poll time!

    1. Dear Mary Katherine Roberts,
      Vote noted. We appreciate your offer for us to review your Voter ID, but you have a dog and follow a gluten-free diet therefore, you are trustworthy.
      PS – Definitely got some KS in her!

  1. You shot yourself in the foot Erin with pictures of the protruding belly and the drool. There is no way you can win. But if you ask me, she is beautiful and she gets that from you.

  2. Whatever! That drool… that’s a Kreider sleeping thing. Not that I’m proud of the puddle every morning, or anything. :)

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