Adios, Norris.

This is a hard time of year for us Slocum’s.  The past three months have consisted of us bonding with you nearly every weekend as we wore out your back deck with late-night convo, ate all of your food, played music on your speakers nearly non-stop, and slept in your beds. 

Slocum Cabin, it’s been a good summer.  We’ve shed some tears over having to leave you, toasted to you as our friend, smelled that amazing cabin smell until we fell out of consciousness, and had our final goodbye’s.  It’s been good.  Real good, in fact.  We’ll see you a few times over the next nine months, but it’s just never the same as it is during the warmer months.  

We enjoyed every second of our pseudo-final weekend at Norris Lake.  That sounds depressing, doesn’t it?  Well, it is.  And it was.  But we made the most of it!  Here’s to great friends, sassy literary reads, homemade sangria, wonderful weather, and Better-than-Sex cake [apparently that’s the legitimate name…].
MK, Kate, me, Ashley, and Christin
BJ, Donald, Jim, Ben, and Matt
Tucker, Teigan, and Emma
Emma, the dog!
Until next year… when there is a two-year-old running all over the place… aye!