It’s Boomsday in East Tennessee!

There are a few things that Knoxvillian’s are die-hard about… Volunteer football [as long as they’re on a winning streak]; moonshine [as long as it’s Popcorn’s variety]; hanging out on the lake [as long as it’s sunny and someone has a fast boat]; bluegrass music [as long as you don’t have to pay a cover]; and Boomsday, the finest display of fireworks put to music on any river, any where [as long as it’s not raining].  
“Look at the plane, daddy!”

Boomsday can bring out the classiest of the eclectic groups of people hiding under rocks this end of Tennessee.  The people-watching is absolutely magnificent so you know I’m sold!  

Well, Boomsday was on Sunday and our dear friend, Rachael aka Diva, happens to be event manager.  Thanks to her elite status, we were able to get not only amazing seating arrangements, but the most stellar parking spot, ever [the real shiznit, if you ask me!].  
Now THAT is a good-looking group!
Teigan soaking up her first fireworks show!

Despite the sporadic bouts of chaotic rainfall, it was a super fun evening with our super fun friends with whom we ate far too many cookies with, laughed at fellow patrons with, and danced the night away to radio’s Top 40 [in the rain] with!

Another great year, Diva-licious!  Phenomenal job – and you looked great doing it!