Naked time

So, whether this is normal, encouraged, or praised in other households is beyond me, but daily infant naked time [hereby referred to as DINT] is a must here at the Slocum casa.

It all started when Teigan was a newborn. Not only is a smiling, naked baby the most adorable thing, ever, but the “airing out” was encouraged – and we just never stopped. And now, well, DINT is standard practice.

That being said, there are some obvious reasons why DINT could cause problems…
1. Unannounced visitors, particularly the precious [but curious] five-year-old twins from next door.
2. Unannounced pizzles, particularly on our [slick] wood floors which therefore causes a slip hazard for both parent and child.
… and finally, the latest addition…
3. Unannounced # two’s, particularly when mama is home alone, dinner is [burning] in the oven, the dogs think they’ve gotta cover it up, and your child steps in and all-around said poopage and proceeds to get on the white couch to continue playing.

Not that number three happened to me yesterday, or anything… Sigh. Funniest and most disgusting thing I’ve dealt with in a while; no doubt.

Let’s hope adults practicing DINT don’t have these same problems!

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