16-month Activities

Just in case you’re wondering what our fearless, little sixteen-month old is up to these days, she’s…

  • running everywhere [with absolute control and balance]
  • climbing the three different sets of ladders on the playset in the backyard, including a rope ladder, and then going down the slide on her own
  • gone to the bathroom in a toilet [sans proper-kiddo-toilet-seat and only once, but still…]
  • absolutely obsessed with removing everything in sight, playing, and then putting it away – and then repeating over… and over… and over
  • insistent on waving and speaking to every single person [or ghosts, we’re convinced] that’s within a 1/2 mile radius
  • loving throwing everything away in our trash can, including, but not limited to, shoes, watches, bottles, greeting cards, and… my iPhone.
  • feeding Hoolie and Rica all of her food, hence the reason why she’s got built-in best friends in our four-legged ladies
  • walking up and down stairs
  • “reading” books like its going out of style!
You could say we’ve been busy lately… but that would barely skim the surface of the craziness of our little premature toddler running around!

Promise I’m back to blogging more frequently soon.  I pinky swear!
E$ Mama